Privacy Practices

The privacy policy for Looking Forward is contained within the End User Agreement. The information contained here provides details about specific practices related to the privacy of information collected through your use of this website.

As used here, terms such as "we" or "our" and "Company" refer to Looking Forward and its current and future affiliated entities and venders. "This application" and "the application" refer to and any websites within the domain, and the Looking Forward apps. "Computer" refers to the computer, tablet, phone, or other device used by you to access or run the application.

Information Collected

Information collected through your use of the application includes application usage information and user-entered information collected while you use the application.

Application Usage Information

We may track your usage of the application in two ways: 1) server access logs, and 2) application analytics.

Access Logs: As you access the application, the servers that deliver the application and its components may log this activity. The logs may include your IP address, an identifier of the page or screen you accessed, and any data you sent when making the request. We regularly review access logs to look for indications of potential problems with the application or servers. Access logging can not be disabled.

Analytics: We may use analytics companies to gather information about application usage, such as which parts of the application are visited most often, which websites refer visitors, the general geographic location of users, etc. These data are available to us only in aggregate form -- we can not identify a specific user from these data. We regularly review analytics data to gain a better understanding of how the application is used in order to improve it. Although these data are collected and stored by a third party, they are used by them only to provide aggregate data to us. Analytic data gathering can not be disabled.

User-Entered Information

This application includes opportunities for you to enter information in three ways: 1) answering questions, 2) recording your voice, and 3) entering your email address to receive emailed information from the application.

Answering Questions: Your answers to questions asked by the application are stored. These data are used to tailor your subsequent usage of the application. These data are also stored on the application servers anonymously (without any connection to personally-identifying information) so they can be analyzed in aggregate to better understand user characteristics and preferences. You do not have to answer questions if you do not want to, but this may effect your ability to fully use the application.

Recording Your Voice: Recordings you make as you use the application are stored. These recordings are used to play back to you if you request while using the application. These data are saved only on the computer; they are not transferred to the application servers. You do not have to record your voice if you do not want to.

Entering Your Email Address: If you request the application to send information to an email account, you must provide an email address. The email address is used only for the purpose of sending the information you requested. It is not used to contact you for any other purpose. It is not linked to your other information. You do not have to enter an email address if you do not want to.


Metadata is information that describes other information. This includes information such as the length of an audio recording or the number of characters in an email message. We may access metadata associated with user-entered information for the purpose of determining and reporting on certain characteristics of the information. For example, we may add up the total length of all audio data within your audio recordings. These data may be analyzed in aggregate as part of managing the delivery of the application. Metadata gathering can not be disabled.

Browser Cookies, Browser Local Storage, and App Data Storage

Browser Cookies are small files placed on the computer when you visit a website or click on a URL. Browser Local Storage is data that the web browser stores in its own database on the computer. App Data Storage includes files stored within the app that is running on the computer (this happens only if you use the app; not when you use the website).

We may use browser cookies, browser local storage, and/or app data storage to store the information described above.

We may use third party service providers to perform some functions of the application, such as video steaming. These providers may use browser cookies to collect information that is required for them to provide this service as part of the application.

You may disable browser cookies or browser local storage by adjusting your browser settings at any time. If you disable them, this may effect the way this application functions for you. You can not disable app data storage.

You may permanently delete previously saved browser cookies and data in browser local storage by using browser functions for this at any time. You may permanently delete app data storage by deleting the app.

Note that we do not respond to web browser "Do Not Track" signals.

Information Disclosure

We may access and disclose your information to you as you use the application.

We may access and disclose your information internally within the Company for the following purposes:

We may access and disclose your information to a third party for the following purposes:

Online Communication Practices

We do not send email, text, or other electronic communications to you unless you specifically instruct us to do so and provide us with the email address.

Application and Information Security

We maintain administrative, technical and physical safeguards designed to protect the information that you provide on this application.

We follow industry-standard security practices, including:

Your Responsibilities

To maintain your privacy and the privacy and security of your information and data, you must:

Contacting Us

If you believe we have misused any of your information please contact us immediately by calling 919-416-9341.

This information was updated Augist 3, 2019. We may change this information. If we do, changes will appear on this page/location.