About Looking Forward

Looking Forward is a new program that provides information about the HPV vaccine, so parents can make an informed decision.

Looking Forward helps all parents consider relevant information, identify topics to discuss with their child’s healthcare providers, and even find places to get the vaccine if a parent decides to do so.

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Looking Forward can be easily integrated into your practice.

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The Looking Forward Team

Looking Forward is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Southern Methodist University, and People Designs, Inc.

Jasmin Tiro, PhD, Associate Professor, UT Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Tiro is a behavioral and public health scientist with expertise in cancer prevention. She has studied patient-provider communication around HPV vaccination and developed interventions for both patients and provider teams. Her intervention work with the Parkland Health & Hospital System was recognized with the 2017 Texas Hospital Association Bill Aston Award for Quality.

Austin Baldwin, PhD, Associate Professor, Southern Methodist University. Dr. Baldwin is a social psychologist with expertise in health decision-making. He led the basic research to understand self-persuasion, the underlying theory on which the Looking Forward app is based. He has studied self-persuasion in a variety of health behaviors including HPV vaccination, smoking, and physical activity.

David Farrell, MPH, President, People Designs, Inc. Mr. Farrell has extensive expertise in technical aspects of innovative information technology, health behavior, and communications. He founded People Designs in 1994 and has consulted on over 50 projects funded by the National Institutes of Health, the American Cancer Society, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to address cancer prevention and related health issues.

Jonathan Wall, Application Engineer, People Designs, Inc.Mr. Wall is a web and mobile app developer for People Designs. In addition to Looking Forward, he has developed multiple interventions using web, SMS, and interactive technologies.